Who I am

Inosculation: a natural phenomenon in which trunks or branches of two trees grow together. When occurring in plants, it is biologically very similar to grafting. Osculation itself is the act of kissing. In horticulture, inosculation is the process of combining two distinctly different plants in such a way that both are fruitful. Often once established, the joined plants can not be separated and do not survive individually.

There is no theme to this blog. The only goal I had in creating it was to write more personal essays, and it remains very much a personal blog. I created it to remind myself that as I am surrounded by an increasing amount of microbloggers, it is still okay to have more to say sometimes. I often write about daily things; what I am doing, what occupies my thoughts. Occasionally, I write about this crazy ride called “motherhood”. I write a bit about the things I love — hiking, gardening, whitewater kayaking, or just generally being outside. I write about wanting to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, and how that works with a family who sometimes have other ideas. The things written here exist for me. It is formal navel contemplation at it’s best.

I occasionally write other places. I make art. I make gardens. I often make a mess. I am available to teach workshops. If you are interesting in learning more, please email me, or submit a comment here.

— Lauren


2 responses to “Who I am

  1. gerald launt

    “inosculation” fantastic word . Not a well known word and cannot find it in my dictionary.
    Venturing on your third carrer,way to go.Sorry the others did not work ,but you do have spirit.Back to the inosculation theme.I also dream BIG ABOUT SMALL THINGS,but I did not realise they were small. One persons meat is another persons bacon, and I hope someday to prove that inosculated tree, are in fact potentially the means for All to be able to claim their own little piece of real estate which is only fair and would do the conscience a World of good

  2. Debbie

    Who says the last two careers did not work? Maybe they ran their course. We have to keep growing. And by creating we do that. Creating with words, creating a child, helping others to grow.

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