Little bird

Dear Critter,

You are seven months old today. I’m not certain how that happened so quickly. Your middle name is Raven, and you are already living up to it. My lightbringer with a mischievous grin, you bring joy to everyone you meet. You are finding your voice, and said your first word just a few days ago: “Dada”. When I have tried to teach you to say “Mama”, you smile, and sign “more” over and over. The sign “more” has come to mean me, which makes mealtime very confusing. “All done.” you sign, followed by “more” as you reach for me to pick you up. We joke that you have two parents: Daddy and food.

You are sitting up well now, and sometimes thinking about crawling, but mostly you would rather that I never put you down. You are eating solid foods, and will devour anything we are willing to let you try. You have begun playing with toys in earnest now, and are curious about everything around you. You adore your big sister, and are fascinated by the cats and the dog. You have begun sucking your thumb recently,  and given up pacifiers. Clearly, you are already trying to emulate Audrey, who still needs her thumb and pink blanket. There are few things in the world cuter that the two of you snuggled up together, sucking your thumbs. You are the most joyful person I think I’ve ever met. I hope it’s contagious.

Right now, you are fussing in your cosleeper, because next to the bed is too far away to sleep. My “velcro baby”, you insist on only sleeping if you are touching me. I sometimes wonder where you go when you sleep, and if you are afraid you won’t return. Is this why you need me so close? Whatever it is, I certainly won’t complain.

I love you, little one.





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