40 before 40.

In the next year, I will…

  1. Pay off all of the credit cards and medical bills.
  2. Create a regular writing practice again.
  3. Go fishing with my daughter.
  4. Ride my horse regularly.
  5. Read at least 15 new books.
  6. Learn to laugh again.
  7. Create rituals and traditions.
  8. Hike more.
  9. Build my greenhouse.
  10. Eat the way I used to: homegrown produce, fresh eggs, raw goat’s milk.
  11. Eat twice a day. Off of a plate.
  12. Make sure that my voice is heard in the current political climate.
  13. Remember when to turn off, unplug, walk away.
  14. Ski more.
  15. Remember to play.
  16. Complete all of the small-ish house projects which remain.
  17. Simplify and streamline our home.
  18. Donate to causes I care about.
  19. Get enough sleep.
  20. Spend more time with Audrey, one on one.
  21. Call old friends more often.
  22. Finish at least three major knitting projects.
  23. Go on at least three local-ish road trips with the family.
  24. Camping.
  25. Spend more time looking at the stars.
  26. Keep a reasonable/normal schedule.
  27. Say yes more.
  28. Go to bed calm… No more stressing out, or binge-reading news.
  29. Find gratitude daily.
  30. Get back into a regular yoga practice.
  31. Forgive more.
  32. Organize a neighborhood “cleanup day”.
  33. Make art. At least a bit.
  34. Reboot my clothing, and pay attention to what I’m wearing.
  35. Take time to do my hair and/or throw on some makeup, at least sometimes.
  36. Rebuild our savings.
  37. Play piano/dulcimer/guitar.
  38. Take a class or start an academic group.
  39. Take Audrey to a play or ballet.
  40. Find space for tiny meditations.

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