Dear Spoon,

Now you are two. This is such a wonderful, joyful time for you. You are huge – already wearing size 3T clothes, and with grins equally over-sized. Your joy takes over a room, and your goofy laughter is infectious. You engage everyone you meet as a playmate. Just yesterday when we went to the grocery store, you were insistent on walking beside me instead of riding in the cart, just so you could run up to each person we encountered and shout out, “HI!” You later told me that they were all your friends.

Nearly every morning, you stumble across the hall from your bed into my room, mumbling, “I want to be in Mama Daddy bed.” I tuck you in next to me with your head under my chin, and hold you while you sleep for another hour. I love this time, even when I long for more sleep myself. You still like to snuggle but it has become more rare, so I try to soak up every minute I get with you like this. I’m certain it won’t be long before you are asking me to drop you off a block from the mall so none of your friends see us together.

You are growing up so fast, and want so much to do “big girl” things. You asked for a clock for your birthday, and wanted to learn how to tell time. You also asked for a tea party. Where most kids want Dora or Thomas the train, you wanted “little sammich”. I made sure to also put out a giant paper table cloth with crayons and a dozen sugar cookies to decorate. You are incredibly verbal for a kid your age, speaking entire paragraphs (often all day), and walking up to people and introducing yourself.

You are beginning to imagine when you play. Your play dough blobs are specific items which you have carefully sculpted — You tell me they are bunnies, dogs, frogs, flowers. Though one day when you handed me a carefully layered stack of play dough of different colors and I asked you what it was, you looked at me strangely, then said, “Mama, it’s clay.”, which I still laugh about. You love having tea parties with your stuffed animals and the cat. You are obsessed with reading and with making art. Your best friends in the world are Noah and Ella, who live next door. They are five and ten, respectively. Sadie is also still at your side constantly, as I imagine she will be for at least a dozen more years. You love taking her for walks, and will cry if you wake up and she is not asleep on her dog bed next to your bed.

When you look back at this time, I hope you know how creative and joyful you are at this age. How the world is such fun for you, and how much sweetness there is in your life. I hope you know how willingly you share all things, but especially your joy. You fill my days.

Nearly every day, I wish I could put this time in a box and keep it forever. I wish I could keep you this small for the rest of my life. So I lock each day up in my heart, and pray that when the time comes that I need this sweetness, it will still be there. I’m nearly certain it will.

I love you right up to the moon and back, Little One.




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