It’s about

Getting up early.

Remembering to laugh.

Working as hard as I can for as long as I can, then stopping. And being totally okay with it.

Fresh flowers.

Taking time to see the progress I’ve made.

Setting aside writing time every day. Regardless of laundry, toys, mess, weeds, or anything in need of repair.

Stop multitasking (at least while playing).


This. This is what comes in fits and starts, between lists and worries and the everyday minutia that stops me my tracks. This is what I need to remember when I look away for a moment to find my toddler dancing on the table. Instead of panicking (or really, in addition to panicking), I need to remember times when I danced on the table. And question why I’m not doing it now. These are the things which will get me through the next few years, and keep me from missing them out of fear or frustration or perfectionism.  


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