More big things.

I have been slowly taking care of the big dumb scary things on my lists. I have been doing research. I have been making plans. I have been coming up with crazy ideas. And some not so crazy. And some so crazy they’re almost sane. It feels as though I am standing on the bank of a river, with a pile of rocks and a pile of sticks, trying to find a way to cross. And because I’m me, I’m weighing every possible option. Getting a bit tangled in the details. Getting ahead of myself. And scared shitless.

I’m writing again. Two projects, now becoming three. Or, maybe just two. I guess I work that way? Or maybe I don’t. I’ll have to let you know when I figure it out. And I’m realizing that if I really want to tell these stories, and offer this help, I must find a realistic way to have a voice. I’m looking at small publishers. I’m looking at POD options. I’m wondering how on earth one does this.

So, that will be the project for this year, I suppose. I have started another blog the other day to try to help me organize (and test) writings from the second/third project. All DIY and cooking and making stuff and fixing an old, old house when it breaks. So… Mother Earth News meets Martha Stewart Living meets This Old House? Something like that. You can visit the blog here. I’ll let you know when I start posting to it in the next few weeks. And when I do, would you do me a favor and let EVERYONE know? Thanks.


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