Magpie Dreams

It was warm today. A warm breeze from the south that tasted of springtime. In the basement, a hundred tiny sprouts line up in rows, screaming to let them out into the ground before they outgrow their tiny containers. Next week, our chicks will arrive. I am gathering plants and ideas and pictures for our yard, along with seed catalogs, blueprints, and a half dozen panes of glass. Tomorrow, I am wandering across town to pick up a couple of doors — one for a playhouse, one for a greenhouse. Or a chicken coop. Or a back gate. Maybe it will be a portal to The Next Big Thing. Whatever that is. I waste time scouring craigslist and freecycle for building materials and antiques, flipping through magazines and scrolling through blogs looking at pictures of everything I want to plant or build. And, ohmygod, I have I really just discovered Pintrest? I scoffed at it initially, but after spending (too much) time on it today, I think I might be in love. It’s such a great collection of beauty and inspiration, and a handy little place to store ideas, to boot. I can hardly wait for it to be “officially” spring.

What are you planning for this spring? What are you really excited about? What crazy idea are you going to pursue?


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