Letting go of the darkness.

It is 3:30 in the afternoon. I am sitting at my kitchen table, watching the golden glow creep over the back fence into my terrace garden, the way it does about 20 minutes before sunset. In two weeks, we will be on a plane en route to our new home. My schedule has not been so full in months. But for now, I am enjoying sitting here in a quiet house with a cup of very good coffee and watching the light fade.

I have been very blessed in this life. Even the really hard times have brought their blessings. I feel so fortunate to have the people in my life that I do, to be able to take my little family and go somewhere new, to be warm and safe, and happy. I am grateful every day for my little girl’s laughter, and the warmth of my sweet and very, very patient husband.

In a few hours, a dear friend will be joining us for dinner and to watch our daughter tear paper off her Yule gifts. (She will likely think that the paper is the best part.) We will drink wine and toast the sunlight. I will light a fire in the fireplace and with it we will burn all the fear and apprehension and regrets from the year.

In the morning, we will rise at dawn, shake the last of the darkness from our eyes, and take the last steps toward this new adventure.

I hope this finds you safe and warm, with the ones you love. Blessed Yule.


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