Oh, hello.

I haven’t forgotten you, I promise. I have been caught up in so many things… big projects and big dreams and lots of the nuts and bolts of everyday-ness.

I have been busy giving up on using my car for transportation (which involves building a bike for Spoonie and I to both use). I have been busy harvesting and trying to preserve various foods which I hope to someday be able to eat, rather than just look at. I have been busy harvesting moments: My little girl’s squeals when she eats still warm wild blackberries. Our puppy tearing through stands of bear grass, barking as loud as she can. Long conversations and rebuilding. Japanese anemones beginning to bloom next to my front doorstep. The smell of a dirt road I drive on my weekly trip to the dairy.

Things have moved inward a bit here recently. A sort of spiraling toward the center. Letting go of things. Rethinking.

I have been (and may be) a bit scarce for a few more weeks. But I’ll stay on the periphery, I promise. And once things settle down a bit, I’ll be back.


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