I am still here; stumbling rag-tag and bewildered after a never-ending list of menial tasks, piecemeal dreams tumbling over each other like bubbles, little breaks of sunshine, and laughter from family which both shocks and thrills me.

Lately, I am a thousand pieces glued haphazardly together: a snatch of melody from a lullaby I have sung every day for seven months, the smell of fresh sourdough, pullets pecking in the strawberry patch, a dream of the next big thing, thoughts of suits and heels, the persistent rhythm of my running shoes on pavement, a glimpse of acceptance and forgiveness.

This month, a road trip, an anniversary, a new best friend for the three of us. I need to put this all together into something tangible, to find the words to describe it all, gather the fragments into a shape without gaps or holes. Soon. Maybe, soon.


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