a third of the way around the sun

Dear Spoonie,

Yesterday, you turned four months old.It’s hard for me to believe that you’ve been here four months, and at the same time, I look back at the way you were the first few weeks, and I can’t believe how much you have changed. You are always inquisitive, you are constantly learning, and you seem to be loving every minute of it. You have tons of energy, and still hate to take naps, though lately your morning naps have gotten so much longer — you sleep for nearly an hour! And since you sleep for a good long stretch at night, I suppose I can’t complain if you wear me out a bit during the day.

You are able to sit up now, though you still sometimes flop over, and you are still working very hard at figuring out how to be mobile. You’ve discovered that people respond to you when you “talk”, and have been known to work the crowd at coffee shops and grocery stores of late. I think it’s hilarious.

You love animals, especially the cats and our dog, who patiently let you pull at them and gnaw on their ears. You have started to look for animals, too. You were completely fascinated by the dog park, grinning and squealing in your wrap as we watched all the dogs play. We have also gone to the zoo a few times, and unsurprisingly, your favorite animal is a caracal. You get so excited when we see it, your little legs kick and kick, and you look like a crab strapped to me in your carrier. We discovered that the caracal at the zoo is named Cricket, and she yowls her strange crackling meow whenever you say her name. You think this is the best thing ever, and I must admit I agree.

You have just started experimenting with solid foods. I figured that since you had been so interested in what we were eating over the last month that we should give it a try. So, the other day when I was eating a baked sweet potato, I mashed some up for you, and you loved it. You had a little bit of a hard time with it, and lots ended up on your face rather than in your mouth, but you kept reaching for the spoon to have more. We tried avocado today, of which you did not seem a fan, but we will try it again. In the meantime, sweet potatoes it is.

You are laughing now, mostly. You have this silly little half chuckle you do, and I am still holding out for the big belly laugh that I know will come. You laugh a lot; at us, at the cat, at your toys. Today when I was cleaning your face you were chuckling like mad.

I sometimes wish I could slow everything down. You are in such a hurry to grow up, and you are the biggest, most inquisitive four month old I’ve ever seen. I’m beginning to realize a little more now that one day you won’t fit in a co-sleeper next to my bed, you won’t want to be sung to, you won’t demand snuggle time. Fortunately, I think those things are still a long way off, but looking at the last four months, I’m beginning to realize that if I blink, this time will be gone.

I always want to remember you just how you are, and just how you have been. I can’t wait to see how you will be, and everything you have yet to do. For now, the big hurdles will likely involve mushy vegetables.

I love you, Spoon.



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