A quick note…

Dear Spoonie,

I am writing you this letter a couple of days late because we have been so busy this week. You turned two months old on Wednesday, and we had lunch with your Aunt Erica that day to celebrate your two month birthday, and (belatedly) her 40th birthday and my 33rd.

You are growing so big these days. You have put on three pounds in the last three weeks, and are literally off the chart with height. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. We talk a lot these days. I tell you just about everything, and you coo and squeal in response. One of your favorite games is when I mimic the sounds you make. You also love sticking your tongue out and blowing spit bubbles at us to get us to play. You have discovered the cat, and are thoroughly in love with her; you love anything soft. You are pretty happy overall, and greet us each morning with big sloppy grins that melt my heart.

We have taken you to a couple of restaurants this month, which you find very interesting (your daddy and I have not really sat down to meals together on a regular basis since you were born). You are very interested in how we eat, and if we give you a spoon to play with, you are over the moon. I think when you are ready for solid foods in a couple of months, you will be excited to make the transition. I also think the three of us really should try to have more meals together.

You met your Grandpapa Howard this month when he came out to visit. You really like spending time with him, and it was so fun for your daddy and I to watch you play together. We’re looking forward to introducing you to more of your relatives that live out of town very soon. Hopefully, we will take you on a trip to Arizona this next month to meet everyone. That will be exciting, as it will be your first trip on a plane.

Every day with you is so great, Spoon. I love watching you explore your world. You seem to approach everything with so much wonder and joy. I am so glad that we are able to share everything with you.




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