34 things before 34.

I stole the list idea a year or two ago from Christina, who writes this blog, among other things. (Incidentally, you should follow it, if you don’t already. She is a fantastic writer.) As I was already making “new years lists”, it was pretty easy for me to fall in love with the idea.

So, here is this year’s list. complete with far more web links than really necessary, but they serve as good reminders for me.

34 Things Before 34:

  1. Run a 5k with the whole family.
  2. Plan an amazing birthday/anniversary trip for Aaron.
  3. Make strawberry jam.
  4. Work the community garden plot at least three times a week.
  5. Get back into climbing.
  6. Forgive myself more.
  7. River trips… at least five of them.
  8. Take Audrey backpacking.
  9. Make a few new friends.
  10. Build a new kitchen table and hutch.
  11. Start drawing again.
  12. Play my guitar. Learn a couple of songs by heart.
  13. Same thing for the dulcimer.
  14. Rebuild the business website.
  15. Teach a workshop.
  16. Make myself a few lovely skirts. And wear them.
  17. Take Audrey to Tucson to meet her grandmother and great-grandfather.
  18. Bake more.
  19. Network.
  20. Start writing down the “Audrey stories”.
  21. Look into options for regular columns and/or blog posts.
  22. Zoo trips — including one to see the Zoo Lights.
  23. Take Audrey to the symphony.
  24. Finish the kitchen cupboards and the fireplace tile.
  25. Host a nice dinner for friends.
  26. Learn to cultivate mushrooms.
  27. Dance with my husband more.
  28. Read at least one novel a month.
  29. Harvest huckleberries with my sister and her family.
  30. Arrange at least two Unbook Club meetings.
  31. Bring back this blog, and post at least two recipes a month.
  32. Take more photographs.
  33. Ride on a train. (Light rail doesn’t count.)
  34. Laugh more.

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