31 days

Dear Spoon,

You are one month old today. And what a month it has been. You have changed and grown so much already, and you are learning more every day. I wish I could tell you that we have done more this past month than we have, but it largely has just been about making sure we are all able to survive together. Our biggest adventures were a trip to the coffee shop and one short, cold afternoon at the zoo. But there will be time for all of those things. You will have time for hikes and trips to the museum and camping. You will have so many years for those things, and more. I hope you enjoy being outside as you get older. I know that whatever you decide you like to do, you will be driven.

If I were to give you one piece of advice, Spoon, it would be to live life fully. Experience everything you can, drink it all in, and never, ever have any regrets or doubts. Grab hold of the world with both hands, and never let go of it.

You are in such a hurry to grow up, it seems. You are so tall that you have nearly outgrown your Moses basket already. We got a different sleeper to keep in the bedroom yesterday, which you have decided that you hate. You love sleeping in your crib, however, and I am surprised at how difficult it is for me to switch to putting you to bed there all the time. I have grown so accustomed to you sleeping next to me with your fingers curled around mine all night, and I’m not sure how to let that go yet. I keep wondering who I will hold hands with.

It has been a busy month for you. Meeting friends and relatives, discovering your hands, learning about us, going for walks, and learning how to suck your thumb. Our little calico cat, Maggie is completely in love with you, and stations herself as near to you as she possibly can; a tiny, purring sentinel. We spend a lot of time snuggling in bed and reading — especially A.A. Milne. You are already rolling on to your side, and you often kick your legs when we put you on your belly. It’s as though you already can hardly wait to crawl. You love taking baths with me in the evening, and spend most of your day watching the world (I am convinced you are trying to figure everything out) and smiling and cooing at us. These days have been nothing short of heart-wrenching for me, and I love every minute we spend together.


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  1. Barbara

    She’s beautiful! Happy. Enjoying learning who you and Daddy are. Who she will become. You can see all of that in this one excited-to-be-here photo. What a wonderous journey you three have begun.

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