Dear Spoon,

We are finally getting down to the wire, you and I. We’ll reach 38 weeks in the next couple of days, and you have spent the last week letting me know that you’re ready to be here. I’ve had a lot of contractions, and feel like I have the flu. The contractions haven’t been regular yet, but I figure as soon as my body realizes what’s supposed to happen, you’ll be here.

I packed a bag for the hospital the other day, and it is in the car with your car seat. I’ve been trying to stay as active as possible — working on the house, taking the dog for walks, and going to yoga — but some days it wears me out. We have been talking about doing an easy cross country ski trip this morning; I’m not sure if we’ll go. I can’t imagine I’ll make it very far, and we want to stay somewhere that’s not too hilly, and has a pretty low elevation. We haven’t decided for sure if we’ll go yet, but I’m craving the snow and the quiet of the forest. It may be our last trip for awhile.

Now that you’re nearly here, I’m hoping that you wait a couple more weeks. There is still so much I would like to get done. I’m planning on sewing most of the day tomorrow, so that should help. I want to finish the last of the trim work on the house, and make some meals ahead that I can freeze, so that Aaron has plenty to eat after you get here, with minimal cooking involved. Somewhere in all of this, I need to make Christmas gifts for everyone.

I imagine at some point, you will blow the whistle on my plans, and we’ll head to the hospital — ready or not. I suppose that’s okay, too. I’m looking forward to having you here, and I think it really may be soon. You have been pretty quiet the last couple of days, other than shifting from your side to lying on your belly, facing my spine. I had a really strong contraction during yoga yesterday, but only one. I’ve been having a lot of contractions like that lately. I think you are getting yourself ready to be here.

I hope that when the time comes, we can stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital, which will undoubtedly be loud and chaotic, and that when you arrive into the world, it is into a peaceful and quiet space. I hope that your daddy and I are the very first to hold you, and that we get enough time together with just the three of us to let you know how much you are loved and welcomed into this world. I hope that you make it through delivery easily and calmly, and I am looking forward to holding you once you’re here.




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  1. Cami Kaos

    Very best wishes and luck for what’s ahead for all three of you. You sound so ready, even in hoping to wait just a bit longer. 🙂

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