putting things back together…

We tore apart our kitchen last weekend — refinished the cabinets, replaced the counters and the sink, and fixed everything (in this house, it seems, there is a lot which needs fixing.) We spent a week eating take-out, dodging tools and paint and orbital sanders on our way out the back door to work.

Today, we are slowly reassembling everything. Organizing, cleaning, caulking joints, cleaning some more. And hopefully taking a bit of a break.  This morning, I made pumpkin-baked oatmeal. Perhaps later, a local apple tasting and cider pressing. We are finding each other in our orbits today, after spending the last week (or is it the last couple of months?) slowly circling each other in our separateness. In our haste and frustration and overly filled schedules. Trying not to snap at each other when one of us oversteps the invisible boundaries we have recently created. Boundaries we created out of stress, or carelessness, or exhaustion. Boundaries we never really needed.

We are putting things back together today. As the kitchen begins to take shape (and I love it, by the way!), we are relearning to circle through our days together, hopefully without too much growling from either of us. We have been too separate lately.

I’m looking forward to this evening: a clean stove, working sink and dishwasher, jars in the pressure canner, and curling onto the sofa next to the warmth of his chest.


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