“Babywatch 2010”

Dear Spoon,

We went to the doctor yesterday. You are still so big! It’s great. Keep growing in there (just remember that at some point, you do have to come out!) We also made our next appointment. They want me to come in every two weeks now; the countdown has begun. The realization that we’re not too far away from you being here has my head spinning. My immediate response, of course, has been to make jokes about how this parallels Aaron’s work — referring to it as “Babywatch 2010”, and of course, making doppler jokes. You have been “head down” now for quite some time, so I guess you’re eager to come join us, too. We’re looking forward to seeing you, and our midwife thinks you may even come join us a couple of weeks early. (Just not too early, okay?)

As is my habit, when things come down to the wire, I tend to add more things. (Why do I do that?) We replaced my car this week, and there is lots of room in the new one for all three of us and the dog. I think we will have a lot of camping and hiking trips in the near future, which makes me very, very happy. This weekend, we are finishing the kitchen remodel. A couple more small projects on the house, and then I need to sit down and do a bunch of sewing for you and finish the dress I’m knitting.

I wish you could see the leaves starting to turn on the maples right now, and the doe and fawn we saw near the park a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait for you to see those things next year. You’re going to love it!

Overall, things are going really well. In short, you are happy and healthy, and will be here really soon. Please forgive me if I seem a little stunned by that — all of a sudden this is overwhelmingly, passionately real. And we are loving every minute of it.



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2 responses to ““Babywatch 2010”

  1. Sounds like you are almost ready. What kind of car did you get? Derrick and I have sworn off the mini van, but we do now have a Subaru wagon (essential, I guess, for the NW family) but still…the sexy is gone…its over man. LOL! but parenthood is wonderful!

  2. Lauren

    Ah, yes. “Welcome to Oregon, here’s your Subaru.” 🙂

    We actually picked up a forester, and I love it. It’s the second Subaru I’ve had, but the first “full sized” wagon. (I had a little Impreza in grad school.) It’s mom-tastic, but I’m okay with that. They are such good cars.

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