time machine

I woke last night to the neighbors down the block shouting curses at each other.

A door slamming, one of their cars sped away.

Next to me, you snored softly. I pressed my cheek against your shoulder, grateful for your warmth and strength. Grateful for your sweetness. You woke for a moment, and asked if everything was okay. “I’m just so glad we’re both safe.” I said. You smiled, drifted off to sleep.

The cat purrs from her perch on my knees, and our child flutters between us — not quite truly a kick; just enough to be both real and dreamlike.



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2 responses to “time machine

  1. I was poking around LJ-DP and someone asked about people I’d met through that community; that led first to all manner of nostalgia, and thereby here. I’m very glad to see that you are apparently well and happy; it’s been an interesting few years all the way around, it seems. In any case, if you feel like saying hello, fantastic, and, if not, be well and take care. ~smile~

    • Lauren

      Matt, it’s great to hear from you! I think we lost touch when you ventured to Seattle(?) How have you been? Where are you at these days? Would love to catch up — it’s been a few years.

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