Oh, there you are.

Hi. I’ve been busy lately. Incredibly busy with Really Big Things. At least, to me, they feel big. I spent the last week at home, planting a garden for Oregon Food Bank and another one for a cup of tea this autumn, revising my business plan, and finalizing my business licenses. There are still a few loose ends, of course; laundry left undone, balls of yarn which promised to morph into various flavors of wonderful over the last few months taunting me from their perch in the office, next to a stack of ungraded papers. And that’s okay.

We’re going to sell the house, and buy another with a real yard and fruit trees which don’t grow flat against the house (my requirements). We are going to have a baby. (Or hoping to.) I am going to start teaching part-time rather than full-time, and hopefully with an assignment which is less of a huge commitment.

I have been drawing more, and meeting with more clients/potential clients. I have been compulsively checking my bank account for payments. I have spent a little time with mindless fiction stories and rooibos chai. I have let myself dream a little. This unwinding of where I am into where I am going is perhaps one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever had in this life, and perhaps one of the most joyful.

In the last month, I have set myself up completely to leave teaching, we have made huge commitments to our home and to each other, I said goodbye to my grandfather, and decided what the next several years will (hopefully) look like for me in earnest.

Really Big Things.

There is so much I would like to tell you, about where I am, what my life is like right now, and the things happening around here. Perhaps there will need to be photos soon — sometimes, they are more succinct.

What have you been doing lately?



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2 responses to “Oh, there you are.

  1. I know this post is a bit old, but I’m just catching up. Lots of good plans! (At first I typed “plants.” Those, too!)

    You have been drawing more? Can we see some? 🙂

    As you know, we’ve been working on The Neverending Move. In June, I’m going to quit my job, which will be AWESOME. In the coming months, I will be healing from the degradation of the corporate world and starting new projects focused on art, music, and who knows what else. That’s what’s up here!

    • Lauren

      I’m so excited for you to be focusing 100% on your art!

      Drawings for me are less exciting — basically, I’ve been drawing landscape designs, chicken coops, goat sheds. Lots of elevations and blueprints. I love it, but it’s hardly artwork. 🙂

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