33 things before 33

There’s a blog I read in which I noticed this little “tradition” last year, and whole-heartedly stole it, because I think it’s great. I did it last year. Here’s this year’s list:

33 things to do before I turn 33
1 ) finish remodeling the Trail house and sell it.
2 ) add a Barnevelder and a Welsummer to my backyard flock.
3 ) evening walks with the dog.
4 ) find a new house, with a real yard, and fix it up. (Hmmm… maybe next year…)
5 ) decide where to live long-term (Well, we’ve narrowed the list a little)
6 ) pursue the business full time.
7 ) run at least two 10ks, and one half or full marathon (possibly the Gorge Marathon)
8 ) river trips
9 ) camping
10 ) make huckleberry pies
11 ) start some proper square-foot garden beds
12 ) vacation with Aaron
13 ) a dinner party for no particular reason
14 ) take my mom out for a manicure/facial/whatever
15 ) say thank you more
16 ) plant one of those ridiculously overpriced french apple trees
17 ) have a baby
18 ) make the dork bike my primary form of transportation
19 ) keep the “unbook” club going
20 ) read at least four books I never would have picked out on my own
21 ) multi-day ski trip
22 ) volunteer
23 ) create a donation garden
24 ) tell my students (past and present) how much I appreciate them
25 ) host a block party
26 ) knit myself a sweater
27 ) make the etsy site an actual secondary source of income
28 ) hike some new trails
29 ) run 8 minute miles
30 ) laugh more
31 ) plan an overseas trip
32 ) visit the relatives
33 ) start taking pictures again



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2 responses to “33 things before 33

  1. What is the unbook club? 🙂

    • Lauren

      The unbook club has only really happened once. I’m hoping we can start making it a monthly thing once we get done selling our house. Basically everybody comes over with books they are finished reading and would recommend that other people read, I make a bunch of food, and we trade. It’s good fun. 🙂

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