I spent this weekend doing virtually nothing. It was wonderful. I can’t recommend it enough. Friday we went out for dinner, and just sat and talked. Saturday, a run through the drifts of maple leaves and my favorite “ghost house” spot: a staircase in the middle of the woods leading up to nowhere. Then home and quiet. The weekend was spent with board games and good coffee and the coils of purring cats. When we got brave Sunday afternoon, we wandered to a friend’s house to spend time with them and their seven month old twins.

We talked about all of the hard things. About having a child, and all of the things (namely money) which stand in the way of that. About finishing the house. About our rapidly aging car. About the business I want to own.

And somehow, those things got easier. They aren’t resolved, but they are easier.

Sometimes he catches me in my whirlwind, slows me down, forces me to just sit. And we talk about all of the things I have buzzing around me. It’s really the best thing anyone could ever do for me. This, too, is why I love him.

I started building a website. I started to count months. I started to relax a little, which has always been difficult for me. And he says, “This is a weekend. They are good. You don’t have to do anything or be anywhere. You should let yourself do this from time to time.” Then, because I’ve stopped laughing for a moment, he makes a comment about the Labor Movement having been a really great idea after all.

And I know we’ll be okay. I can start a consulting business without a commercial space. We can raise a baby and still pay our student loans. We can have a family and still make a car payment. It’s not the end of the world. Lots of people do this. And even if we decide not to, that will be okay, too.



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2 responses to “gratitude

  1. Loved this.. so stream-of-consciousness. But you probably already know that. I will def. be coming back for more!

    • Lauren

      My life is very stream of consciousness lately. I’ve got a lot to figure out, I suppose.

      Thank you for the kind feedback!

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